Chateau Frontenac

Chateau Frontenac

No visit to the province of Quebec is complete without a visit to exuberant, romantic Quebec City, a travel destination found in one of the most beautiful natural settings in North America. The well preserved Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec) is small and densely packed, and is steeped in four centuries of history and French tradition. 17th and 18th century buildings have been carefully maintained and preserved over the centuries and are bordered by numerous attractive parks which contain historic monuments. The majestic Chateux Frontenac at the top of the hill in Old Quebec defines the Quebec City skyline.

The government of Quebec has completely restored many of the centuries old buildings of Place Royale, one of the oldest districts on the continent. Because of its meticulous preservation of this, the only fortified city remaining in North America, UNESCO has designated Vieux-Quebec a World Heritage Site.

Perched on a cliff above a narrow point in the St. Lawrence River, Quebec City has a view that seems to take in the whole world. In the 17th century the first French explorers, fur trappers, and missionaries came here to establish the colony of New France. Today, it still resembles a French provincial town in many ways. The culture, music, food, and art are all distinctly influenced by the French. At the same time, the Quebecois have created their own enduring culture with its unique traditions, flavors, sounds, and sights.

Quebec City’s split level landscape divides Upper Town on the cape from Lower Town, along the shores of the St. Lawrence. Separating these two sections of the city are cliffs of steep and precipitous rock, against which were built more than 25 escaliers (staircases). Both parts of the town offer attractions ranging from from centuries old buildings to beautiful churches. The city also has an amazing array of cabarets, cafes, and restaurants where visitors can enjoy the unique Quebecois cuisine.

Quebec City is the closest one can come to being in France without leaving North America. Visitors to Quebec City are never disappointed. The blend of French culture with other traditions has produced an amazing city of timeless treasures and memories to be shared.


Down in Old Quebec

Down in Old Quebec


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